Fighting Addiction With CBD

By Autumn R. Broughton The cause of drug addiction varies significantly from person to person, making addiction very difficult to treat, and therefore difficult to overcome. Every socio-economic background, geographic region, educational level, ethnicity, and race suffers from addiction, and it can stem from emotional issues, mental disease, environmental circumstances, […]

Cannabis, coworking, and the marijuana-industry land rush

By Patrick Sisson  Jul 24, 2018, 11:04am EDT In Los Angeles, a pair of soon-to-open coworking spaces will offer a twist on the formula popularized by behemoth WeWork and The Wing in New York City. Though they boast whiteboards and shared workspace, host regularly scheduled meet-ups and speaking events, and even offer access to advisers and investment capital, […]

That Purple Kush You’re Toking Might Be a Genetic Imposter

GETTY IMAGES CANNABIS STRAIN NAMES can get a bit … quirky (Lamb’s Bread, anyone?). But without them, patients that rely on marijuana to treat ailments like pain would be lost. If you want to treat seizures, you might want ACDC—a strain that expresses almost zero THC and very high CBD, a […]

What Cannabis Entrepreneurs Should Know About Tax Section 280E

As a supporter of the decriminalization of marijuana and the benefits the industry will bring, including natural medicines and a larger tax base, the last thing I want to see is new entrepreneurs in the space get snagged for preventable issues. As the cannabis industry has expanded rapidly with legalization […]

Trainwreck Strain

HYBRID The THC content in Trainwreck is known to reach 25%, making this strain best for those familiar with cannabis. A cross between three landrace strains, this hybrid provides ample mental energy coupled with physical sedation. Trainwreck is particularly well known in the marijuana community thanks to its potency. The […]

They worked at Amazon, Apple and Microsoft, and now they’re working to get you stoned

Workers at Eaze, a marijuana-delivery service based in San Francisco, gather for a “design sprint,” a workplace tactic that comes from Silicon Valley. Director of product design Jeffrey Erickson leads the discussion. Eaze has raised more than $50 million from tech investors. (David Butow/TNS)  Cannabis startups are seeing an influx […]

Try These β-Caryophyllene Cannabis Strains for Pain & Inflammation Relief

(Leafly) Beta-caryophyllene is a common and often abundant terpene found in cannabis. Its distinctive flavor contributes to the spiciness of black pepper and can be found in high amounts in cloves, hops, and rosemary. It falls under the FDA’s “generally recognized as safe” classification, so large doses can be safely consumed. Over the last decade, β-caryophyllene has […]

The Neuroprotective Properties of Cannabis

For decades we have been led to believe that cannabis damages brain cells, causing brain damage. Recent research now proves that cannabinoids can actually protect brain cells from dying off by impeding the chain of events that causes unnecessary cell death. Here’s what you need to know about the human brain. […]

12 facts about Sour Diesel

Would a strain by any other name smell as sweet? Sour Diesel, a name revered in toking circles, is one of the most ubiquitous, powerful, and sweetest-smelling strains ever created. The eponymous gasoline scent and sativa energy boost have been fan favorites since the early ’90s, but beyond the signature […]

How THC and Myrcene Interact

For years, the ability of some cannabis strains to render a sedative effect on the user has been explained in the popular media simply as the difference between sativa and indica, and occasionally postulated as being due to the presence of cannabidiol or other cannabinoids. However, evidence is emerging that […]