11 Reasons to Go Digital with your Compliance Records

The cannabis industry moves fast. Licensed business owners and their employees are expected to move even faster when it comes to keeping up with myriad burdensome compliance requirements. The industry itself is one of the most regulated currently in existence. In an effort to keep tabs on cannabis businesses; state, […]

Budtender Advice With the Clinic’s Scott Yoss

Clinic budtender Scott Yoss. Courtesy of Scott Yoss Budtender Advice With the Clinic’s Scott Yoss HERBERT FUEGO | JULY 19, 2018 | 5:20AM AA Legal cannabis has produced dozens of unique jobs, yet the face of the industry has always been the budtender. For those consumers who already know what they want, the budtender […]

Understanding the endocannabinoid system

This video is very informative and fairly current and a key to understanding this amazing plant. I urge you to learn and understand this as it will make yourself knowledgeable about your body. Then picking a strain or form of consumption will be much easier the next time  you have […]

Top 5 Healing Terpenes: Terpenes That Amplify the Healing Power of Cannabis

Last week on the blog, we noted that there are 480 identified chemical compounds in the cannabis plant, and we told you about one class of compounds that make cannabis an effective medicine: cannabinoids. This week, we wanted to dive deeper into the healing properties of cannabis by examining another […]